NRIS invites contributions to a special issue on Russia’s War of Aggression and the Nordics


Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has upended the European security architecture and poses a fundamental challenge to international order. In the process, changes have been unleashed in the foreign and security policies and domestic politics of the Nordic and Baltic countries. For Finland and Sweden this has meant an end to long-held their commitments to military non-alignment. Meanwhile, all the Nordics are, each in their own way, impacted by changes in NATO’s force posture, EU sanctions on Russia, the imperative to support Ukraine in its war effort and help refugees displaced by Russia’s attack. The slower than expected progress of the Ukrainian counter offensive is also raising questions about the willingness and ability of the West to continue its support for Ukraine in the event of a protracted war of attrition.

The Nordic Review of International Studies invites contributions to a special issue on ”Russia’s War of Aggression in Ukraine and the Nordics”. Contributions can cover, for example:

  • Changes in foreign and security policies of the Nordic and Baltic countries as a result of the war
  • Domestic debates over areas like defence spending, refugee policy, support for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia
  • Nordic and Baltic public opinion dynamics relating to the war
  • The role of the Nordics on international fora like the EU, NATO or the UN
  • The views of other key international actors like the United States, China, Russia, India and Brazil on the policy shifts of the Nordics as a result of the war
  • The implications of the reaction to the war on other areas like climate and human rights policy

Please submit your paper proposal of 750–1 000 words no later than 17 December 2023. Accepted manuscripts are due in April 2024 and should adhere to the NRIS author guidelines. Paper proposals are submitted through our submission page